During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all concerned about hand hygiene. However, finding a place to wash your hands can be difficult in your

day-to-day life. 


Without water and soap, hand sanitizer with appropriate alcohol content has been proven to reduce germs on our hands. Hand sanitizer should contain at least 70% ethanol alcohol, as per the recommendation of the Department of Disease Control.


As mothers with small children, it was frustrating to see them suffer from dry and itchy skin from products they have used before, and may have to continue using everyday as part of their new normal lives. So, we decided to formulate our own hand sanitizer for our families. Later, some friends got in touch to try our product and soon came back asking us to make more.


This made us think about similarly affected people who have not yet found the right product. We decided to manufacture Almi to address their needs. Almi means “nourishing” in Finnish, and it is also a combination of the names of our children, Alice and Milin.


Almi is made with the best natural ingredients for our, and your, little ones.

Almi Hand Sanitizer is effective at killing bacteria and viruses, but is gentle on skin, and is convenient to use for everyone.